Christmas Fund Program

The Christmas Fund Program is the oldest on-going effort conducted by the Association. It has been in effect almost since the organization’s inception. In support of the Association’s third objective, which is to provde financial assistance to selected active duty Soldiers of the Regiment and their families at Christmas, the 16th Infantry Regiment Association provides a certain amount of money each year to support Christmas activities of the active battalions.  Currently, the Association provides $2,000 each year to each battalion to support these activities.

The funds are typically used for:

  • Assistance to needy families so that they may enjoy a relatively happy and worry free Christmas season.
  • Christmas activities that bolster and support the battalion’s planned Christmas activities for battalion families as well as for single Soldiers.

The funds are not typically used for battalion Christmas activities that include only single Soldiers or only families unless both types of activities are planned as separate events. In those instances a fair and proportionate division of funds will be made to support each activity.