Memorials Program

The Memorials Program is one of the 16th Infantry Regiment Association’s oldest programs. Instituted by Colonel (Retired) Gerald “Jerry” K. Griffin, a Founder and former President and HCOR, the program has enabled the Association to place historical plaques, markers, and monuments dedicated to the regiment’s history and accomplishments, literally around the world. To date, the Association has emplaced at least 9 of these markers at locations in the United States, England, and France.

In addtion to many more locations here in the U.S., the Association’s long term goals are to set up monuments in the Philippines, Cuba, Mexico, Belgium, Germany, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan dedicated to the regiment’s Soldiers who have served, and many times died, in those locations.



Regimental Memorials Program Plan

The 16th Infantry Regiment Association memorial event for 2019 is the dedication of the Private Merle D. Hay plaque as part of the 100th Anniversary commemoration events for World War I. The event will take place at the Merle D, Hay American Legion Post on 14 June 2019 in Glidden, IA, Hay’s hometown.