Regimental Heritage Visits

The Regimental Heritage Visits Program was developed by the Association  to provide active duty Soldiers of the 16th Infantry with links to their past history through former members of the Regiment. This is accomplished through presentations, classes, visits, discussions, and mentoring processes that focus on the Regiment’s history and accomplishments, as well as other military topics.

The program has three basic objectives:

  • To increase camaraderie and contact between Association and active duty members of the regiment.
  • To support the Association’s mission of honoring, communicating, and perpetuating the Regiment’s past history and present service.
  • To assist in the professional development of the active duty members of the regiment.

Visits by Association volunteers under the Regimental Heritage Visits Program are conducted when requested. The visits will be conducted in accordance with the desires of the active battalions and their training schedules. Typical presentations and programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Historical accounts of actions, battles, and campaigns of the 16th Infantry Regiment.
  • Personal experiences in combat.
  • Small unit leadership experiences.
  • Soldiering in earlier eras.
  • Displays and presentations on combat equipment of earlier wars.
  • Effective tactics, techniques, and procedures.