Association Reunions

A number of reunions are held during the year by various elements of the 16th Infantry Regiment. By far and away, the largest reunion held each year is that coordinated by the 16th Infantry Regiment Association and usually held in conjunction with that of the Society of the 1st Infantry Division. This reunion is for all Rangers of every era and is held at numerous locations around the country, usually in or near a city of historical interest or near an entertainment mecca.

Historic Hilton Foth Worth
815 Main Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76102
20-24 July 2022

Other reunions also take place during the year by smaller elements of the regiment. The Maine Rangers of the Army Reserve’s 3rd Battalion meet periodically in Portland for social lunches.  The Desert Storm veterans of the 5th Battalion hold periodic (i.e., not annual) reunions, typically at Fort Riley. A and D Companies of the Vietnam-era 2nd Battalion hold annual reunions at various locations in the US. C Company of the Vietnam-era 2nd Battalion holds its reunion every year at Branson, MO. All of these reunions serve to build camaraderie between our Soldiers and the esprit de corps of America’s Greatest Regiment. For more information on these reunions and meetings, please contact one of the following:

16th Infantry Regiment Annual Reunion
Steve Clay Email

Recon Platoon, 1-16 Infantry (VN)
Bob Youngberg, aka “Turkey” Email
RECON Website 

B Company, 1-16 Infantry (VN)
Wayne Smalley Contact

C Company, 1-16 Infantry (VN)
Ken Costich Email

B Company, 2-16 Infantry (VN)
Dan McFee Email
Ray Hahn Email

C Company, 2-16 Infantry (VN)
Ken Mize Email
Ken Mize Email 501-834-3120
Bill Brister Email  254-433-1937
Dave Peters Email 330-241-5214
Leo Inkelaar Email 316-776-2307

C Company, 2-16 Infantry (VN)
Loupie Francis Email

D Company, 2-16 Infantry (VN)
Don Dignan Email

5-16 Infantry (DS)
Ed Walding Email