About Our Association

The 16th Infantry Regiment Association was founded in 1989 at Fort Washington, Maryland, by four former members of the regiment: Colonel (Retired) Gerald K. Griffin, Sr., Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) John G.W. Finke, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Stephen V. Ralph, and Colonel (Retired) Roger Seymour. The Association was officially recognized 22 August 1990 by the Internal Revenue Service as a Nonprofit Veterans Organization. Since then, the Association has operated with the following Mission and Objectives as its guiding principles for what it seeks to achieve:

To provide a venue for past and present members of the 16th Infantry Regiment to share in the history and well-earned camaraderie of the US Army’s greatest regiment.


  • Honor, communicate, and perpetuate the Regiment’s past history and present service.
  • Support the Soldiers and families of the Regiment’s active duty battalions.
  • Provide available financial assistance to selected active duty Soldiers of the Regiment and their families at Christmas and, when requested, provide financial assistance, as available, to selected active duty Soldiers for other special circumstances.
  • Provide available financial assistance, when deemed appropriate, to Association members.
  • Increase awareness of the Association and its activities and benefits among current and former members of the Regiment.
  • Support the annual Distinguished Member of the Regiment (DMOR) Program.
  • Maintain a comprehensive Association website that informs current and former 16th Infantrymen of the Association’s activities and heralds the accomplishments of the Regiment and its members.
  • Generate revenues to support the Association’s mission and achieve its other objectives.

The Association currently consists of over 500 members including active duty personnel from the regiment’s two battalions at Fort Riley, Kansas. The membership of the Association consists of three types of members: Regimental Members, who are past or present Soldiers who have served honorably with the 16th Infantry Regiment; Honorary Members, who are individuals who did not serve with the regiment, but have been awarded such title by the Association (this is different than the Honorary Member of the Regiment title bestowed by the Secretary of the Army through the Distinguished Member of the Regiment program); and Associate Members who are individuals who, for historical or familial reasons, wish to retain an affiliation with the regiment. All 3 types of members are subject to the annual membership dues unless they possess a Life Membership.

The activities of the Association are many and varied and members are encouraged to participate in as many of them as possible.

We hope our website provides new members, or individuals who might wish to seek membership, an understanding of who we are and what were are about.

The members of the 16th Infantry Regiment Association hope that you enjoy our website and we encourage you to join the ranks of America’s Greatest Regiment

Semper Paratus!