Association Funds

The 16th Infantry Regiment Association receives its funds from three primary sources: membership fees, the Quartermaster Store, and donations. One hundred percent of all funds received go to support the Association’s mission and one or more of its objectives. With the exception of occasional expert consultant fees (and those are minimal) such as website set up/improvement or layout of the Dagwood Dispatches, no money is used to pay personnel costs. No Association Board officers or staff officers are paid; their time and efforts are all voluntary.

Association funds are largely used to support our standard programs. These include:

  • The Annual Christmas Fund (for the active battalions)
  • The Wounded Ranger Program
  • The Memorials Program
  • Reunion Activities
  • Quartermaster Store supplies

Association Awards Program.  These include:

  • Emeritus Medallions & Certificates
  • DMOR Medallions
  • Active Battalion Annual Leadership Awards

The Association is always in need of funds for the first three items listed above. If you are not sure what these programs consist of, you are encouraged to review the sections under the “Activities & Programs” menu that address each of them.

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