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  1. Hello. I am looking information concerning a distant relative by the name of Joe F. Smith who fought in WW1. I have an old French memorial that hung in my great grandmothers house stating he was a private in Company H, 16th Infantry. I know he was killed in action but I did not see his name in the honor roll that you have posted. Just curious if you had any information where he was killed and buried. Thank you for your time.

  2. I am looking for anyone who may have been stationed with my dad, PFC Isidro Reyna around the 66-67 timeframe. I only have a few photos from his service and very little insight to his short stint in. Any info would be much appreciated.

    MSgt (ret) Rachel (Reyna) Vis

  3. I am doing some research on my great uncle, Richard G. White who was a member of the 16th Infantry during WWI and received the DSC for his actions near Soissons, in France, on July 8, 1918. My problem is that I have been unable to find out what battalion or other unit he was in within the 16th, which makes it difficult to complete my research. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you.

  4. My great-uncle, Richard G. White, was a First Lieutenant in the 16th Infantry in WWI. He won the DSC for his actions near Soissons on July 18, 1918. I have collected a fair amount of information about that battle but I have now reached an impasse because I do not know what unit of the 16th he was in. Can someone help or provide suggestions? Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    John Littlefield

  5. My father in law SFC Allen P. Weaver HHC 1/16 Inf. Was serving as a Mess Sergeant near Lai Khe Base Camp Vietnam. When on July 23 1968 the ammo bunker of Charlie Company caught on fire. In the process SFC Weaver took a fire extinguisher to attempt to put the fire out. At this time a claymore went off causing injury to SFC Weaver. He died at the 93rd Evacuation Hospital on 22 Aug 1968. He was awarded the Soldiers Medal for his actions. I am looking for anyone who may have more information about this incident or may have known him.

  6. Sir

    I am the Son in Law of SFC Allen P. Weaver who was killed in Vietnam 22 Aug 1968. He was serving with HHC 1st Bn, 16th Inf when Charlie Company’s ammo bunker caught on fire. In the process SFC Weaver took a fire extinguisher to attempt to put he fire out. At this time a claymore went off causing injury to SFC Weaver. The accident accrued on 22 July 1968. He was awarded the Soldiers Medal for his actions. However there is some mystery as to his death. The death record provided by the Army has homicide checked as cause of death. So was wondering if any of your members might of witnessed this fire or know any additional details. I have requested and received all of his military records and they do not shed much light on the circumstances of his death.

    Thank You

  7. I’m a writer of historical fiction and a native of Mississippi. I have the info provided on your site regarding the locations of HQ and the various companies within my state during Reconstruction. My primary focus at the moment is the makeup of the company rosters between March 1869 and August 1871, but any information from Sep 1866 until its last company (B in Jackson) departed the state in Dec 1876 would be appreciated and of potential value; specifically–number of men and break down by rank, officer and enlisted, if you have such information readily available or perhaps you can pass me another link if you haven’t compiled that information yet. Yours is a nice/informative site. Congratulations on your work honoring a fine unit. I look forward to hearing from you and studying those maps planned for location of the companies during the years of occupation in Mississippi during Reconstruction.

  8. My father, PFC Stuart A. Evans (currently 93 years old and in pretty good health), served with the 16th Infantry in France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia and Bamberg, Germany between about 1943 and 1946. He played guitar with the regimental band, and appears in a photo of the band (playing in Franzanbad, Czechoslovakia) on your images page. I just showed him the photo and he immediately started pointing out people he remembered, especially the singer who appears at the far right. We think he also appears on the right in the photo captioned “16th Infantry soldiers relax along the river walk at Bamberg, Germany.” He’s a bit shy about reconnecting with people he served with, but I will encourage him to join the 16th Infantry Association to take advantage of some of your members-only content. He enjoys telling stories of his time with the band during the Army of Occupation.

  9. my name is Norman Cordova from Amarillo, Texas, i was assigned to HHC 5/16th Infantry “Dining Facility” from 1986-1989 and later we were merged with the 2/16th infantry Dining Facility in Fort Riley Kansas on Custer Hill. my army buddy/brother from Hawaii are looking for any of the men who served in HHC 5//16th Infantry Mess Hall during 1986-1989 if you are or were stationed there please feel free to contact me via instant message on facebook. or e mail me at thank you and GOD BLESS

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