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  1. I am looking for any information on my Father James Patrick Bannon, known as Jim or Jimmy. He past in 1963 and my family did not speak of him. My family has also past and I would love to have any info on him if anyone can recalled who he was. All I know is what is on his grave stone at Beverly Military Cemetery, it says: PFC CO 1- 16 Infantry – born March 17, 1030, died May 14, 1963. What much research I know he was in the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Maybe enlisted somewhere around 1947-1948? Please I would love any info on him. Thank you.

  2. My honor to have been across the road at bearcat,,Di an etc,,,this day In Normandy 1944,,best to the 16th,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2nd 18th,,1966-67

  3. Carson Greene, jr.

    My uncle Ssgt Silbert Pershing Greene was a member of the 16th Infantry Company G and was KIA at Easy Red Beach on Omaha Beach on D-Day. His equipment is in the Big Red One Museum in Colville Sur Mur at Omaha Beach including his helmet with a bullet hole in the middle. He was shot and killed by a German sniper. I have a picture of my uncle and his friend Ssgt Malcolm Appleman taken in England just before the Normandy invasion. My uncle was from West Virginia and Malcolm was from Johnstown, Both were KIA on D-Day. A year ago I was able to find Ssgt Appleman’s grave in Johnstown (I live 35 miles from Johnstown) and went to visit his grave. I must say it was a very moving moment for me to realize I was standing by the grave of a warrior who died with my uncle. My uncle Silbert is buried at Cambridge American Cemetery in Cambridge England. After 71 years I was able to complete a circle honoring these two soldiers….rest in peace Uncle Silbert and Malcolm…

  4. I live in the village of Litton Cheney, England where members of 3rd Battalion, Company I were stationed for 6 months immediately before D-Day. I am hoping to make a presentation on the history of US soldiers in the village (and surrounding area) and would be interested to hear from anyone, or their surviving family members, who was in the 3rd Battalion at that time.

    Members of Company L were, I understand stationed in the neighbouring village of Long Bredy, while Companies K and M were only a few miles away (nearer to the sea) at Abottsbury and Bexington respectively.

    With many thanks in anticipation.

    Ian Maston
    Litton Cheney

    1. Ian,
      Please email me. I am the current Adjutant for the Regimental Association. We may be able to help your village learn how much they contributed to the effort 74 years ago.

      Erik J. Anthes
      Adjutant, 16th Infantry Regiment Association

  5. My Great-Grandfather was James Nations. He was a recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross during WWI in Fleville, France. I have a picture of him in uniform with the citation of why he received the award.

  6. On this Thanksgiving evening, I was feeling deeply moved and appreciative of my life in this country. I began to research online regarding the war and the military divisions that took part, which then led to your website.

    I realize that you are limited in time but I wanted to share a video of a speech that I had recently given on Veterans Day expressing my deepest gratitude to those who fought and enabled my life in this country.

    Words will never express deeply enough the extent of my indebtedness, and I will spend the rest of my life reaching out to as many veterans as I am able to share this message.

    I would like our valued veterans to understand how much their sacrifices have meant to this refugee.

  7. Good Morning, Afternoon, and good Evening,
    My name is Sgt Eric Meadows (USMC) and I am trying to run down some of my family military heritage for a Christmas present for my mother this year. My Grandfather, Sgt Wilbert Otto Stockmann served with Co I 16th Inf Regt while in Germany. He entered the Army on March 28th 1952 and separated on March 19 1955. If anyone could shed some light on possible decorations, orders, pictures, friends, I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!! I will be willing to share some photos that I have as well. Thank you!

  8. I just wanted to thank the 16th US Infantry for all their history, and for keeping this site alive. My great-great uncle, Kenneth J Booth, fought in the Mexican-American War and WWI with the 16th; he died two months before the 16th came home from Europe in August 1919.

    Is there a book of the 16th Infantry, with their battles and travels and stories? I would like to more about my uncle, and that would be the closest I could get.

    Thank you again for all your current and historical services to America.

    1. Thomas R Mirkovich
  9. Looking for Lt Rick or Richard Champion in B Co of the 2/16th in 1968-69. For 13 years I have been a volunteer Vietnam Veteran locator. One of the 2/16th is looking for Lt Champion,

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