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  1. My Great Grandmothers cousin was in the 16th and was KIA in March of 1945. I’m looking for any information on him.

  2. Hello,

    I recently found out my Great Grandmother’s cousin, Pfc. Andrew Hipsky was KIA in March 1945. I know he was 16th infantry due to a casualty roll call list I found online. Outside of that I have no information on him. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Philip Reardon

    My name is Philip Reardon Jr. and I am the grandson of 16th INF CPL Donald E. Reardon. I recently received my grandfathers military records from the National Archives in St. Louis along with his military medals. I’ve been going through the records and medals and recently just found pictures of him in WW2 under his bed. Donald had passed away in 2016 and when we were clearing the house out, I came upon these. I am contacting this association today because comparing the medals received to the ribbons on his chest thats he’s wearing in 1946-47 just don’t match up. I was wondering if this is something that the association can help with. I’ve tried to do some research on the medals received but I’m just finding general conclusions, nothing that really stands out. I didn’t know if some of these ribbons can possibly be ribbons from european governments for the actions of the 16th INF during the war?

  4. I’m trying to find more information about Aubrey Leon Compton. He was my Great Great Uncle. We have his letters from the war but nothing about where he was killed or any details. Based on the date I’m assuming it was during the liberation of Fleville, but not 100% sure. Also we were not aware of him being awarded a silver star. Any tips on where to find some more details?


  5. would like info on martin l hanno, d co ,1st bn, 16th , he was killed on november 24, 1967. he was my first cousin and first to be killed from our small town.

  6. My son is doing a family history project for his 7th grade Texas History class. After looking into our family history we discovered our Great Uncle, Ben A Kruger (Krueger), was in the 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Division. He was killed in action at Meuse-Argonne on October 4, 1918. We found a document with military awards for gallantry in action and especially meritorious services. Trying to find out what each of those mean or documents that could be copied for my sons project. Thank you for your service to our country.

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