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  1. I was with A Company 16th Infantry from Dec 44 onward. I was knocked unconscious 3 times from enemy action. Last time I was hit was on March 24, 1945 and was in England at the 337th General Hospital when President Roosevelt died. I’ll be 90 years old on 21 January 2015, just a few days from now. My address is 613 Highway 16, Pana, IL 62557

    1. Fred Tolson Post
    2. Mr. Dodson,

      My father, Ramiro J. Bernal, from San Antonio, TX was also A Company, 16th Infantry at that time during WWII. He passed away 7 years ago due to a lengthy illness. He never would talk much about the war, too much to relive. I hope you knew each other and were able to comfort each other as you served our country together.

  2. Dear all,

    My name is Maurits Huijbrechtse I’m 17 and researching E company’s war I’m looking for any WW2 members of company E of the 16th who are still alive if there any left. I also would like to get into contact with family members of the company members.
    If you know any veterans of E company or family members of E company veterans contact me on
    Thanks in advance,


  3. May all those that served in A/2/16 in 10/7/65-6/1/66 be bless with a Happy New Year and a sincerely thanks for your Service.

    God Bless.

    Alpha 6

  4. Hello, I am looking for information on where my grandpa fought
    to receive the presidential unit citation and where he was when he was wounded to receive the purple heart. His name was PFC James Curtis Williams. Co.D 16th inf. Army serial no.34581353. He was from Walker Co. Alabama. Any info would be greatly appreciated
    Thank You .

  5. My father, Col. David E. Milotta 035989, was a the commander of an assault platoon through out the war, from the landings in Algeria, Gela (DSC), and Omaha Beach. He is now 94. I have all the letters and war records including his experience as a POW (Hill 523). Check him out. I’d like advice moving forward.
    Rev. Dr. David S. Milotta

    1. Fred Tolson Post


      Thank you for contacting us and please tell your father “Thank you” for his service with the Regiment. I would recommend that you contact the 1st Infantry Division Museum in Wheaton, IL, to be the repository of your father’s memorabilia. They have an on-line website through which they can be contacted.

  6. Looking for pics of my dad, retired colonel hugh j lynch, who was part of the 1950 european command football team. He probably was a captain or 1st Lt at that time. Thanks

    1. John,
      I was a member of the 16th Infantry 1950 Championship Football team. See my response above Bill Mixon, asking about his brother Henry “Hank” Mixon who was a member of the team. I identified as many teammates as I can remember (I am now 84) but I did not identify your Dad. You may can identify him from the team photograph. If so, I would appreciate you passing along his number to me. I am thinking of writing a short history of our championship year.
      Leonard “Len” E. Swantic, #11 on the team

  7. Just renovating an old house in Bridport, Dorset UK where I came across the following written in pencil on the wall under several layers of wallpaper …..’ Papered and painted by Major Anis Churchouse .. 10th April 1944′. On checking it seems that units of 16th Infantry were stationed in and around Bridport in the months preceeding D-Day. Just thought someone might like to know of this voice from the past and would naturally be interested to know more about the war time decorator.


    Steve Staines

  8. My Dad, Olin J. Jones. was in F Company from 1943 thru the duration. He was in first wave at Normandy. This was his first combat. If anyone has any information on surviving members of this company or knew my Dad please reply. I am interested in any info but also due to the fire at the NPRC in St. Louis, I cannot verify some citations/decorations he received. Dad passed in 2009 but I would like to get his highest award on headstone at Arlington and just to keep his memory alive. Thanks!

    1. Fred Tolson Post
  9. Hello everyone!

    I am a 30 year old Frenchman, historian and photographer. Since 2000, i have been studying the US soldiers during the Second World war and Im planning to come to Bastogne for the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge. I hope to meet 16th infantry regiment veterans in this place so i would like to know if there is a reception or a ceremony for the association next december. Please let me know. I would be delighted to meet you and to take some pictures (especially portraits). I’m inclosing the address of my portfolio:

    Best regards,

    Brieuc CUDENNEC

  10. On, your regimental history/factoid link the first MOH recipient Henry C. Woods is incorrect. His Name is Henry Clay Wood without and S. I tried to find an email but I couldn’t find one. Thanks.

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