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  1. I am researching my grandfather who was a part of the unit beginning in 1916 and discharged in 1920 and was hoping for any potential details: Elijah E. Poore

    Thank You

  2. I am researching the death of Aubrey L. Compton, Medical Attachment, 16th Infantry KIA France 1918. His headstone at the Evergreen Burial Park in Roanoke, Virginia simply reads:


    Any details that can be shared about Aubrey, would be appreciated.

    For God & Country, Pastor Jeff

    1. Pastor Jeff

      I found this information on Aubrey Leon Compton – I hope it helps.

      Birth: Jan. 7, 1899
      North Carolina, USA
      Death: Oct. 4, 1918, France

      Killed in Action in France 4 October 1918.
      PFC; Litter Bearer; Medical Detachment, 16th Infantry, Silver Star Medal

      John Davis Compton (1861 – 1939)
      Minnie Mae McAdams Compton (1876 – 1962)

      Otis L Compton (1899 – 1950)*

      Evergreen Burial Park
      Roanoke City
      Virginia, USA
      Plot: Section 5, Lot 114

      1. We are researching the history of Aubrey Leon Compton for inclusion of his story in a memorial day program. We are aware of your communication with Pastor Jeff, in which you state Aubrey was awarded the silver star. Could you please verify this, and send me a copy of the award letter? Thank you very much for your assistance.

        Lee S. Anthony, PhD.
        Historian 80th Division Veterans Association

        1. Erik Anthes
      1. I spent most of my career as a heavy maintainer working on C-141s and KC-135s at Norton, McGuire, and Hickam AFBs. After I made CMSgt I also ran an A-10 squadron in Korea and F-16 squadron in Germany. Finished out my career at Offutt AFB in charge of Rivet Joint 135s.

  3. Hi,
    I am looking for any info on my cousin Sgt. Richmond K.S. Leong. I know he won the Silver and Bronze Stars in Vietnam. He never spoke of his time in Nam and passed away in 1992.

    1. Fred Tolson Post
      1. Richmond K. S. Leong was my RTO when I commanded A/2-16 Infantry in 1966. When I was selected to go to the Battalion Staff Richmond went with me there. I was selected later as the senior aide to the Division Commander and once again Richmond went with me and worked there at division headquarters until I went home in December 1966. He became a great friend. My son spent 30 days with him in Hawaii and Richmond came over to visit me here in the States. My email address is I live in Virginia. Richmond was inducted as a Distinguished Member of the Regiment in 1992 I remember him as a very brave soldier.

        Colonel (Ret) Jerry Griffin

        1. Colonel,
          Thanks for your reply concerning my cousin Richie. I happened upon the 16th
          website by accident trying to see if I could find Richie’s Silver Star citation.
          I was quite surprise when I saw his name on your website as being a
          distinguished member. He was 15 years older than I am so he was like my older
          brother. Like I said in his post he never really spoke much of his time in Nam
          but I do know he was proud to have served and I think sometimes thought he
          should of made the Army a career. I do remember seeing pictures of him
          carrying a radio and now I know he was an RTO. I sort of followed in his
          footsteps and joined the Air Force and retired in 2006 after 30 years as a


          1. Rod, Richie, Pineapple to all that knew him and they all knew he was a great soldier and was with me just about all the time until I went home in December 1966 I had extended once myself and would have stayed until the General left like Richie hie but some SOBs’ were harassing my wife and children about me being in Vietnam and the General insisted I leave.

            Richie cm to visit me and my family when we were stationed in ILL. I think I told you that my son went to Hawaii and spent 30 days in Hawaii with him. He was like my second son.

            Where do you live?


  4. I am looking for information about a Pvt. William Verderamo. He was in the 16th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Division and was killed on D-Day. Pvt. Verderamo was from Delaware and I believe served in a medical detachment on June 6,1944. A student of mine and I are doing a project on Pvt. Vergeramo which will culminate in a wreath laying ceremony in Normandy in June.

  5. Hello my dad served in the United States Army from 1963-1965 went to Vietnam in March 1965 with the advance party looking for someone who might of been with him on the ship USS Gordon. Looking for some of his brothers in arms. Please email me at
    Thank you
    Deedee A Romero

  6. found my fathers name . 1st Lt. Edward Thompson, serial # 0413741, 3rd Battalion, company L was KIA 19 Jan, 1945. I have the GO.#146 dtd 7 August 1945 in which he was awarded the silver star medal for some action in the vicinity of Faymonville , Belgium. He is buried in the American Military Cemetery at Henri Chapelle. would you have any information that might be helpful to me in getting a copy of the citation to the awarding of the silver star ? any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much for any and all help you may be able to provide.

  7. Just stumbled on the sight looking for which tank model I use to ride on during my time with Love Company, 16th Infantry from March 1954 to February 1958.
    My wife and I were in the first group to Gyroscope in 1955, leaving Schweinfurt and Ledward barracks and going to that paradise called Ft. Riley. My first two daughters were born there.
    Arriving at Riley, we were just a skeleton company of about 30. We were initially reorganized as a training company, and kept the 3rd cycle to flesh us out and train as a TOE unit.
    I joined the company in Grafenwoehr and was assigned as a runner in the 2nd Platoon. Later, I was asked to be the CO’s driver (Creighton C. Allison). I often wonder if he is still alive. I also later served as a machine gunner.
    When the Army reorganized in 1958 the men from I and K Companies were sent to Combat Engineer units and L, M, and Bn. HQ Companies were combined with the 1st Signal Company to become the 1st Signal Battalion.

  8. I am proud of the Association response to help the Daley family. Each of us can afford a small donation to support a fellow comrades family. It is one of the things this Assn has been doing since I first founded it in 1989. It s not the size of the donation that counts but the thought behind the donation, “we have not forgotten to reach out and help one of our own.” Taking care of the man to our right or left is a part of a Soldiers responsibility.

    Thanks and may God Bless each of you.

    Alpha 6

  9. Just stumbled onto this website while looking for some !6th Infantry insigna for a keepsake.
    Served in Heavy Weapons Platoon of Co. D, 1st Battle Group 16th Infantry in Baumholder, Germany September 1960 to May of 1962.
    Was one of the group that was sent to Ile de Re’, France during filming of portions of the movie, “The Longest Day”
    Was just part of the support cadre, with primary duty to maintain radio contact with incoming helicopters and ward keep them out of the camera’s view that was filming the movie.

    1. Fred Tolson Post

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