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  1. Doing some family research and found out my Great Uncle was in the 16th Infantry 1st Division. His name is Woodrow Wilson Dufton. Anything photos, stories or any kind of information about him would be great!!!

    1. Fred Tolson Post


      Unfortunately we do not have anything on him specifically. Can you provide me what you know of his military history? I might be able to dig something up If I had his company (i.e., G Company, etc.), approximate dates he was in the regiment (or the Army even) and so forth. Please send to:

  2. I came upon this web site looking for buddies from V.n. I WAS IN THE 5/60 MECH INFANTRY. 9TH INFANTRY DIV AT BINH Phuoc. in august 68.In nov we went as a unit to Lai khe and became HHC 1/16th Mech Infantry. Stayed there until Aug 69.Haven’t seen anyone who did that also.

    1. ! was with the 5th/60th also.I was a track driver with A co.from Dec 67/Dec 68.Left Binh Phuoc Sept 15 to Lai Khe.When I Left Dec 1st 68 we were guarding those 3 fire bases.But do not remember where they were.What happened to the 1st/16th after Dec 68.

  3. Hello,

    I am working on a project to commemorate a Vietnam soldier and I received Specialist Four Benny Dale Bess’s name. If anyone served with him or has any information about him I would be really grateful.

    Thank you!

    1. Abby,
      I found this information – I hope it helps

      Last Name: BESS
      Given Names: BENNY DALE
      Social Security or Service Number: 54668028
      Date of Birth: 03/21/1948
      Service: Army
      Component: Selective Service
      Rank: SP4 Specialist Fourth Class
      Service Occupation: 11B20 Light Weapons Infantry (ARMY)
      Actual Date of Casualty: 08/27/1968
      Actual Date of Death: 08/27/1968
      Tour Date: 04/18/1968
      Casualty: Hostile, Died
      Reason: Gun, Small Arms Fire
      Air no Air: Ground Casualty
      Country: South Vietnam
      Province: Binh Duong
      Major command: 1st Inf Div
      Company: B Co
      Battalion: 2nd Bn
      Regiment: 16th Infantry
      Home of Record City: MC ALESTER
      Home of Record State: Oklahoma
      Panel: 46W
      Line: 37

      In addition – – –

      Benny Dale Bess

      Birth: Mar. 20, 1948
      Death: Aug. 27, 1968

      He was the son of John and Dorothy (Summers) Bess and died in the Vietnam War.

      Family links:
      John Wesley Bess (1911 – 1976)
      Dorothy Mae Summers Bess (1922 – 2003)

      Elizabeth Anita Bess Weddle (1937 – 2000)*
      Freda Fern Bess (1938 – 1939)*
      C L Bess (1942 – 2015)*
      Benny Dale Bess (1948 – 1968)

      *Calculated relationship


      Burial: Indianola Cemetery
      Indianola, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, USA

  4. Hi-

    I am doing research on the Philippine American War especially about Company H, 16th US Infantry under Frank Martin.
    I am also looking for descendants as my great great grandpa was also involved in that war.

    I appreciate any leads.



    1. Janice

      Google – Check out page 31 & 32 – “Annual Report of Military Governor in the Philippine Islands. 1899-1902/03
      By Philippines. Military Governor”

      1. Janice,

        It appears there are several “Annual Reports…” — if you google “Annual Report of Military Governor in the Philippine Islands. 1899-1902/03 By Philippines. Military Governor” Company H, 16th US Infantry under Frank Martin – it will take you where you want to go.

        Incidentally – there is a lot of good information about the 16th Inf Regt contained in these reports.

  5. I’m sorry to report that LTC (Ret.) Jim Deegan passed away on 2/6/2016. Jim was a platoon leader and company commander with 2-28th IN in ’67-’68, where he was my Recon platoon leader in early ’68. He suffered a severe wound in June ’68 and was evacuated. He returned to Vietnam in ’69 and was the Delta Company commander with 2-16th IN Rangers. Jim was an outstanding soldier, leader and officer. He will be missed by his family, community and those of us who served with him.

    1. I’m sorry to hear of his passing. I had the honor to serve under his command during his tour with the 2nd of the 16th from the time he came on board until the Big Red One came home.

  6. My father, Frank M Gervasi, recently passed away at age 96. He served with A Company, 16th Infantry Regiment from the beginning of WWII, sailing on the Queen Mary to Scotland, fighting in North Africa, Sicily, Normandy, and Germany. His battalion (1st) received 4 Presidential Unit Citations (Mateur, Sicily, Normandy, and Hurtgen). I am trying to put the stories together he would tell me, and wanted to include the citations. I was able to find the Mateur citation, but have not found the others. Any help?

    1. Hello Mike,
      My name is Jim Stanton. I’m 61 years old and live on Long Island in New York. While I cannot answer your question that you posted, I am contacting you to you let you know that my uncle, Ssgt. John Forde was your fathers’ very close friend throughout the North Africa and Sicily campaigns, as well as Operation Overlord. My uncle was killed in action on Omaha (Easy Red) that morning and your father was with him. You may have been told (by your mother or father) that your dad was contacted by phone back in August of 2015 by someone whom he spoke to for about half an hour. It was me that called your dad. I got his number form Quentin Murdock whom my cousin Joe had visited (in Utah) that previous July. I would like to tell you that speaking with your father was a profound and very moving conversation. You should also know that ever since my grandfather (John’s father) received the telegram notifying him of John’s death, our family has tried to determine what exactly had happened to him. But due to the fog of war, no specific account was ever found. Several letters were written to the army but only one was responded to and offered no information. That all changed after I had spoken to your father. He provided us with an answer that we had sought for 70 years. It was a revelation long coming.
      In 2019, for the 75th Anniversary, myself and some family members will be making a return trip to Normandy. (I’ve made 2 already ; the 50th in 1994 and the 65th in 2009). If you plan on making the 75th yourself, let’s arrange to have dinner. If not, please feel free to respond to this e-mail.
      All the best,
      Jim Stanton
      e-mail :

  7. My name is Retired Specialist Christopher Hegy (Big Heg). I served in West Germany with the 4th of the 16th Infantry Forward “Mechanized” from 1985 to 1988. I am seeking fellow brothers that I served with throughout this duration. I was in Bravo Company under Captain Vincent Brooks command. I have made contact with several of our brothers via a Facebook Group site that we have generated. It would be incredible for those who served with me to reach out and reconnect as to bring old friends together. :Duty First Brothers!

  8. I was looking at the honor roll for my grandmother’s brother, and fortunately was able to find him. Raymond Lepore, June 6, 1944. The question I have is in regards to his burial location. Your log has ???, but we were under the impression he was buried in Normandy. Is it possible to confirm? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    1. Fred Tolson Post


      T5 Raymond Lepore was originally buried in the Colleville-sur-Mer cemetery in France. Sometime in the late 1940s, his body was apparently repatriated and reinterred in Massachusetts, at least one source indicates. Our research showed that Lepore was originally from Revere, MA, so my guess is that he was buried there or somewhere in the northern Boston area. Unfortunately, checks on Find-A-Grave, Ancestry.Com, Fold3, and the American Battle Monuments Commission grave locator site did not turn up any additional information.

    2. Bob,
      I found this information on Raymond Lepore – I hope it helps

      CPL Raymond LePore
      Birth: unknown
      Death: Jun. 6, 1944

      Killed in action on D-Day
      Omaha Beach, Normandy, France

      16th Infantry Regiment
      1st Division

      ASN 31075885

      Name: Raymond Lepore
      Religion: Catholic
      Cemetery Name: Massachusetts
      Disposition: According to next of kin
      Service Branch: Army

      Rank: Technician Fifth Grade
      Service number: 31075885

      The toll of the hero war dead from Revere was increased by three this week with announcement by the War Dept. that three local boys made the supreme sacrifice. The D-Day invasion claimed the life of Cpl. Raymond Lepore, 26, son of Peter Lepore of 624 Broadway. Cpl. Lepore was killed on the day of the invasion on June 6. Seaman 1st Class John Edwards Parsons, 20, son of Claude Parsons of 1005 Winthrop Ave., also was killed in action during the invasion. He was a 1941 graduate of Revere High where he was prominent in football and other sports. News of his death shocked his many friends and family members, one of the best known in Beachmont. Second Lieut. John A. Sciaraffa, 31, husband of Gertrude Sciaraffa and son of Mary Sciaraffa, was killed in action on June 11. He was a member of a tank division and was among the first to land in France before meeting his death five days later.

    3. As you may know, Cpl. Raymond Lepore of Revere, Mass., was a medic who served under Sgt. Ray Lambert, 2nd Battalion, 16th Regt. Both medics were busy applying tourniquets and doling out morphine, and so on, when Lambert was wounded through his right arm, by a bullet or shrapnel. Next a large piece of shrapnel badly gashed his left thigh. Having treated the wound himself, Lambert went back to work. Severely weakened by blood loss, he told Lepore: “I’m not going to make it much longer…. You better try to get the men together and see what you can do about treating some of these guys.” Lambert had just given the order when the valiant 26-year old “got a bullet right through his head and fell against my shoulder.”

      1. Erik Anthes

        This sounds incredibly like Ray. I will ask him the next time we talk, Harald. Thank you for sharing this story. Ray and I recently visited together in Chicago and I only wish you had shared this earlier.

        Erik J. Anthes
        Adjutant, 16th Infantry Regiment Association

  9. My grandfather Lawrence O Bedore SSGT company D 37339261 had a photo album from his tour during WW II when it get it digitized would be glad to share and any additional info on him would be much appreciated since he spoke very little of it

  10. Looking for anyone who Knew John (Johnny) O. Jones Jr. A CO. 2ND BN 16TH INF. Dec 65 till he was KIA 10-22-66 . John was a SSG. and 37 years old. I am doing a Funeral for one of his cousins Sunday the 7th of Dec 2015. Maxine his cousin just passed this week. I also am a Vietnam vet , served in 4 corps and 2 corps Ahn Khe and Plea Ku and Sadec , Vinh Long down in 4 corps 67 thru Dec 70, Was not a Chaplain then. If any one knew him and can remember anything please E-Mail to and any photos would be great. Thanks and God Bless most important WELCOLM HOME

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