• The Middle Bridge across Antietam Creek. Sharpsburg is on the high ground in the distance. The 11th US Infantry would have seen a similar view, but farther to the west (left) where it was supporting a battery.

  • The Regiment crossed the Potomac here at Boeteler’s (aka Blackburn’s) Ford near Shepherdstown on 20 September 1862. It, along with most of the rest of the Federal force, was quickly engaged and forced back across the river.

  • This scene from Alfred Waud shows the Federal troops engaging Confederates on the far side of the river on 20 September 1862 after the retreat across the ford. The building in the distance is the same as that in the previous image.

  • On 10 November 1862, the Regiment, along with the rest of the Army of the Potomac, was drawn up along the Warrenton Pike to bid farewell to General McClellan for the last time.