• A Federal column descends toward Kelly’s Ford. The 11th US Infantry crossed on the pntoon bridge here on the morning of 29 April 1863 after a circuitous march by the Fifth Corps to get behind the Confederates at Fredericksburg.

  • Another view of the pontoon bridge at Kelly’s Ford. Waud apprarently mislabeled the drawing as there was no pontoon bridge at Ely’s Ford.

  • The Fifth Corps crossed at Ely’s Ford by wading in the moonlight on the night of 29 April 1863.

  • Ely’s Ford. This image captures the requirement to rederess after crossing. Most men stripped off their shoes, socks and trousers to wade the river.

  • Ruins of the Chancellor House. The 11th US Infantry camped here on the night of 30 April and reurned here after the retreat on the afternoon of 1 May.

  • The 11th US Infantry, as part of Sykes’ 2nd Brigade, lead the Army of the Potomac against Lee’s forces on the morning of 1 May 1863. The 2nd Brigade can be seen in the far distance.

  • Camp at Chancellor House. Some of the troops in this image are undoubtably those of the 11th US Infantry (most likely with those marked as #3).