• The Jug Bridge near Frederick, MD. The 11th US Infantry, along with the rest of the Fifth Corps, crossed this bridge on the morning of 29 June 1863, en route to Gettysburg. The fine structure of the bridge and peculiar jug-looking monument caused many soldiers to remark on it in diaries and letters.

  • Plum Run Valley looking west to Little Round Top (Big Round Top to the right). On the afternoon of 2 July 1863, the Regulars marched over the left shoulder of Little Round Top and across the valley to Houck’s Ridge which is just out of the image to the right. From there they entered Rose Wood. The Regulars returnd to the left shoulder of Little Round Top and held that line the rest of the day.

  • These Confederate soldiers were among the same units which fought the Regulars in Rose Wood.

  • Confederate dead at Rose Wood.

  • Several Federal brigades fought in Rose Wood on 2 July. The two brigades of Regulars were on Houck’s Ridge and in Rose Wood for about an hour.

  • After the battle The 11th US Infantry joined in the Army of the Potomac’s lackluster pursuit of Lee’s Army. The Regiment crossed this pontoon bridge at Berlin, MD, headed south on the afternoon of 16 July.

  • A closer view of the pontoon bridge at Berlin.