• The end of the Overland Campaign and the beginning of the Petersburg Campaign was here at Wilcox Landing. On 16 June 1864, the Regiment crossed the James River on transports and landed here at Wilcox Landing.

  • After the failure of the 18 June attacks on Petersburg, the Union Army turned to seige tactics. Here troops of the Fifth Corps are trying to shelter themselves in their trenches from the hot Virginia sun.

  • On 28 June, the Regulars were pulled out of the line and placed in reserve at Avery’s Farm. The Avery House, pictured here, served as the HQ for General Warren, Fifth Corps commander at the time.

  • On 30 July, the entire Fifth Corps was assembled in a railroad cut (in the foreground here) and waited in reserve for the explosion of the Petersburg Mine. While the mine was a success (the blast in the center right distance), the subsequent breakthrough attacks failed. The Fifth Corps was never called forward.

  • In an effort to try and break the stalemate at Petersburg, on 18 August 1864 the Fifth Corps was sent to try and get around the Confederate right flank here at Globe Tavern.

  • Golbe Tavern is in the distance with the tracks of the Weldon Railraod in the foreground. On 19 August 1864, the 11th US Infantry engaged in a very heavy fight on the Weldon Railroad about a mile north (following the tracks to the left) of Globe Tavern.