Winter 1862 & the Peninsula

  • Sykes Regular Division encamped here on the grounds of the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria before embarking on McClellan’s Reconnaissance to Fairfax on 11 March 1862.

  • The Chain Bridge across the Potomac River looking back into the District of Columbia. The Regiment crossed over this bridge the night of 10 March 1862 en route to Fairfax, VA.

  • Another view of the Chain Bridge.

  • View of Camp Winfield Scott, VA. The 11th US Infantry camped here 12 April thru 8 May 1862 while it participated in the seige operations at Yorktown.

  • Another view of Camp Winfield Scott.

  • A Federal regiment armed with shovels march to the trenches before Yorktown to dig saps and approach trenches. The troops of the 11th US spent much of their time before Yorktown participating in such activities.

  • The 11th US Infantry crossed over this, the Grapevine Bridge, on the morning of 28 June 1862 as the Army of the Potomac retreated from Gaines Mill and the Chickahominy River line.

  • On 30 June 1862, these Federal gunboats shelled forward of the 11th US Infantry’s positions at Turkey Bridge beneath the slopes of Malvern Hill.

  • A week after the fighting at Malvern Hill, President Lincoln reviewed the Army of the Potomac at Harrison’s Landing on the James River.