Indian Wars Era Maps 1877-1898

This gallery provides an overview, using maps, of the activities and station locations of the 16th Infantry during the era of the later Indian Wars and the taming of the American West, 1877-1898. During this period, the Regiment participated in three campaigns of the Indian Wars but battles and skirmishes. Starting in 1877, the 16th Infantry served in a series of posts starting at Fort Riley, KS. From there, the Regiment was sent to Texas, then Utah, and finally up to Sherman, Idaho, where it was stationed when called upon to go to free Cuba from Spanish control in 1898. The Regiment was always split between at least two forts and at times was split between up to seven different installations. At no time during this period did it serve at a single location together. These maps are intended to provide the viewer with a better understanding of the 16th Infantry’s stationing during the Indian wars and its participation in various events of the period.