Distinguished & Honorary Members


The U.S. Army’s Distinguished Member of the Regiment (DMOR) program is governed by Army Regulation 600-82. Each regiment has appointed by the Secretary of the Army an Honorary Colonel of the Regiment (HCOR) and Honorary Sergeant Major of the Regiment (HSMOR) to administer the program. Their primary duty is to receive and vet nominations for Distinguished Member of the Regiment (DMOR) and Honorary Member of the Regiment (HMOR) on an annual basis. DMORs are individuals who have served with the regiment on Active Army or in the Army Reserve and who have distinguished themselves through their military service, civilian service, or other significant service rendered for the betterment of their community, state, or nation. The designation is bestowed on these individuals by the Secretary of the Army after a thorough vetting process by the HCOR, HSMOR, and the active duty battalion commander designated to administer regimental responsibilities. HMORs are soldiers, their spouses, and other individuals who have made a significant contributions, or provided an important service, to the Regiment, but who have never been formally assigned members of the Regiment. One does not have to be an Association member to be eligible for this honor.

On behalf of the 500 members of the 16th Infantry Regiment Association, the Governing Board nominated 6 outstanding former Rangers for designation as Distinguished Members of the Regiment (DMOR) for 2020. A total of 10 individuals were designated as 16th Infantry DMORs or HMORs by the Secretary of the Army. The awardees for 2020 are:


COL (Ret.) John A. Noble – Cold War
LTC (Ret.) Edward T. Christiansen – Vietnam
LTC (Ret.) Paul M. Davis – Operation Desert Storm
SGT (Ret.) Samuel A. Marr – Vietnam
Mr. Nathaniel R. McClure – Operation Iraqi Freedom


Mr. Florent Plana
Mr. Jim DeFelice
Ms. Samantha Fuller
Dr. Marie-Pascale Legrand

The links below provide a listing of all of the regiment’s HCORs, HSMORs, DMORs, and HMORs to date, as well as a blank nomination form and instructions for use in submitting nomination packets to the Honorary Colonel. Packets are typically due no later that 15 January of the year of nomination.


DMOR/HMOR Nomination Form & Instructions