Legion of Honor

Légion d’Honneur Recipients

1918 to Present

Created to honor extraordinary contributions to the country, the Legion of Honor is France’s highest distinction. It can be awarded to US military personnel and veterans who risked their life during the World Wars while fighting on, or over, French territory. Those selected are appointed to the rank of Knight of the Legion of Honor. The Legion of Honor medal is not awarded posthumously. To be eligible today, a veteran must have fought in at least one of the 4 main campaigns of the Liberation of France: Normandy, Provence, Ardennes or Northern France. Actions having taken place in Belgium, Germany, Italy or any other neighboring European country are not taken into consideration. Since only a small number of Legion of Honor medals are awarded each year in the United States, care is taken to nominate only those with the most distinguished records.

Gerald M. “Andy” Anderson
Ralph Ardito
Joseph L. Argenzio
LTC (R) John B. Beach
Eiba H. Begaman
John E. Bistrica
COL (R) John M. Brooks
Theo Calvin
Ernest J. Deeds
COL (R) Bryce F. Denno
Bernard M. Eshelman
Benjamin Franklin
COL Frederick M. Gibb
LTC (R) Fred Hall
COL William F. Harrell
Orbie Harris
Edward W. Johnson
Steven M. Kellman
Arnold R. “Ray” Lambert

Demetrius Lupka
MSG (R) Stanley C. Lester
John MacPhee
Pacifico P. Marchitto
Walter Mehlhaff
Robert L. Mitchell
Angelo Monaco
Earl R. Parker
CPT Anthony J. Prahl
Harley Reynolds
CSM (R) Bill Ryan
Lt. Col. Charles W. Ryder
Roy Scow
Charles N. Shay
Arthur Schintzel
Norman Superstein
Jess E. Weiss
Waldo Werft
Edward Zukowski