Association Member Services

The 16th Infantry Regiment Association provides a number of services to its members and to former 16th Infantrymen who may not even be members of the Association. These include certain personnel services such as veterans assistance and providing contact information between members or, if available, contact with former 16th Infantrymen of all eras who may be looking for a buddy.

The Association chaplain also provides spiritual counseling and assistance for those Rangers who are in need or in crisis. The Association also runs several programs that provide aid to members of the regiment in the form of financial assistance, mainly at Christmas, and help for severely wounded Rangers to attend the annual reunion (see the Activities and Programs menu for more information).

Lastly, the Association operates a Quartermaster store to provide former Rangers a way to publicly show their pride in their past service with the Regiment.

If you have thoughts on other ways we can assist America’s most outstanding infantry Soldiers, please contact¬†us.